Store the keys carefully and report lost keys to the real estate company, who will take care of procuring new keys and, if necessary, re-serializing the locks. The resident is liable to pay full compensation of the costs he/she incurs.


The property’s waste point has its own collection containers for combustible waste, bio-waste,  cardboard, glass, small metal and paper.

Follow the sorting instructions and the labels on the containers. Sorting waste at home is easier when you reserve containers for different waste in your kitchen.

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into application on 25 May 2018. The Data Protection Regulation is directly applicable legislation, and it is also integrated in our company’s operations. It is an updated version of the 1995 data protection directive which defines processing rules of personal data in a more detailed manner harmonized among the EU member states.


Appropriate processing of personal data strengthens the rights of a data subject and increases openness and transparency. Key points in the data protection regulation include, among other things:


  • emphasizing the legality of personal data processing;
  • reducing amount of collected personal data and improving its accuracy;
  • ensuring clear and open notification procedures.


For individuals, i.e. data subjects, the implementation of the new modernized regulation can be seen, for example, as introducing the new rights. According to the updated regulation data subjects have now more rights including the newly defined ones. That allows the data subjects to better understand and monitor collection and use of their personal data.


The rescue plans meet the requirements set by the Rescue Act  (379/2011) and the Government Decree on Rescue Services (407/2011) for the rescue planning at the our property sites.


The rescue plan is intended to enhance the safety of the residents and ensure their comfortable living.

The rescue plan provides the residents and other users of the property with information about activities aimed at preventing fire and other dangerous situations, as well as gives guidelines for preventing accidents at the real estate property.


The rescue plan also explains how to use the building safely and act correctly in dangerous situations. The plan focuses on providing instructions for preventing of accidents and for acting in normal and exceptional conditions.


The rescue plan is not drawn up for the authorities, its aim is to enhance the safety of the property.


Rescue plan for each object of our properties can be found in the list below:

Housing rules

In addition to the Act on Residential Leases, the landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities and obligations are regulated by the Public Order Act and the house regulations. In residential buildings the following common rule for domestic privacy must be observed: feel yourself at home but consider your neighbours.

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