The property’s waste point has its own collection containers for combustible waste, bio-waste,  cardboard, glass, small metal and paper.

Follow the sorting instructions and the labels on the containers. Sorting waste at home is easier when you reserve containers for different waste in your kitchen.


Items suitable for glass collecting are glass jars and glass bottles.

Remove the metal caps, rings and lids. Rinse dirty bottles and jars. Do not put car glass, window glass, ceramics, porcelain, crystal, heat-resistant glass, thermal glass, lamps, mirrors or glass objects with metal parts in the container.

Small metal items

Items suitable for small metal collecting are small metal packages, cans, aluminium trays and foils, beverage cans that do not include a deposit, small metal objects, such as pots, metal lids, crown and screw caps.

Empty the packaging and remove non-metal parts. Flatten the package. Do not put in the container metal waste, electrical or electronic waste, tubes, hazardous waste, batteries and large metal objects.

Energy waste

Items suitable as an energy waste are burnable plastic containers and other objects, plastic wrap, plastic lids and caps, as well as small wooden objects.

Do not put PVC plastics (recycling symbol 3), raincoats, tarpaulins, inflatable toys, cassettes, CDs, plastic folders, cigarette butts, pressure-treated wood, aluminium paper, furniture, electrical and electronic waste or construction and demolition waste into the container.

Non-burnable waste

Items suitable as an non-burnable waste are drinking glasses, glass containers, glass plates, crystal, porcelain, ceramics, mirrors, light bulbs, halogen lamps and heat-resistant glass, such as glass baking dishes and coffee pots.


Items suitable for cardboard collecting are milk, juice, cream, buttermilk, yogurt and wine packages, cereal and biscuit packages, sugar, flour, bread and other paper bags, cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, egg cartons and cardboard disposable containers.


Items suitable for paper collecting are newspapers and magazines, advertising papers, envelopes, i.e. all paper that comes into the household through the mailbox. There is no need to remove tapes and staples.

Do not put waxed and plastic-coated paper, aluminium paper, foiled paper, wet or dirty paper and cardboard, wrapping and tissue paper, egg cartons, milk, juice and other cardboard packages, styrofoam or plastic into the paper container.

Bio waste

Items suitable for bio waste container are food scraps, fruit, root and vegetable peels, coffee and tea grounds with filter bags, eggshells, fish guts, bones, paper towels, napkins, flower soil and plant waste, as well as cat litter and cleaning waste from domestic animals’ cages.

Combustible waste (previously: landfill waste)

Items suitable as a combustible waste are all non-recyclable waste that is not included in the aforementioned categories.

For example, plastics, styrofoam, toys, shoes, rubber, leather, hygiene products, vacuum cleaner bags, chewing gum, cigarette butts, PVC plastic (recycling label 3), foam, textiles, coffee packaging, chips packaging and ash packed in a bag.

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