The property’s full insurance covers damages to the property, but usually not damages to the occupant’s movable property. Taking out home insurance is recommended for tenants to cover potential damages of personal property caused by fire, water leaks and other damages.
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Use energy wisely

Up to half of the energy used by the housing association is used for heating. Unnecessary heating is expensive and has a direct impact on the rent price. Energy is also used for heating domestic water and producing electricity.
Even with simple day-to-day activities you can help both the environment and your wallet!

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• After showering, dry the floor with a trowel and leave the bathroom door partially open.
• Wash the shower curtain, the walls and floor of the shower room and washroom with a mild detergent at least once a month.
• Do not install in wet rooms the storage unites like drawers and cupboards meant for dry storage area to avoid their moulding due to humidity.
• It is recommended that laundry is washed and dried in the property’s laundry room.

Apartment saunas

• After bathing, the sauna heater should be kept on for at least half an hour to let the sauna dry out.
• After bathing, the air conditioning should be kept on at full power for at least half an hour.
• Ventilate the sauna, for example, by opening a ventilation window.
• Change the sauna heater’s stones regularly.


As a rule the lessor is responsible for the property’s external and internal repair work. The tenant may also be responsible for certain repairs as well as for the additional equipment he acquires and property adjustments related to raising his standard of living. Replacement of lamp bulbs, sink plugs, cleaning of sink drain traps and other similar basic maintenance tasks are the responsibility of the tenant.



The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into application on 25 May 2018. The Data Protection Regulation is directly applicable legislation, and it is also integrated in our company’s operations. It is an updated version of the 1995 data protection directive which defines processing rules of personal data in a more detailed manner harmonized among the EU member states.


Appropriate processing of personal data strengthens the rights of a data subject and increases openness and transparency. Key points in the data protection regulation include, among other things:


  • emphasizing the legality of personal data processing;
  • reducing amount of collected personal data and improving its accuracy;
  • ensuring clear and open notification procedures.


For individuals, i.e. data subjects, the implementation of the new modernized regulation can be seen, for example, as introducing the new rights. According to the updated regulation data subjects have now more rights including the newly defined ones. That allows the data subjects to better understand and monitor collection and use of their personal data.

Housing counselling

Anyone who lives in a rental accommodation or is homeless may need a housing-related counselling. Within counselling process debts and disputes are reconciled, payment plans are made, and guidance is provided in searching for subsidies and filling out applications.

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