Housing counselling

Anyone who lives in a rental accommodation or is homeless may need a housing-related counselling. Within counselling process debts and disputes are reconciled, payment plans are made, and guidance is provided in searching for subsidies and filling out applications.

Living in Jämsä

Jämsä, a city in the middle of Finland, comprised of six urban areas offers a comfortable living environment close to nature with ample and convenient transport connections.

Beautiful lakes are the highlights of the surrounding landscape: Päijänne, Längelmävesi along with other smaller lakes provide extensive opportunities for fishing, kayaking and hiking in stunning nature.

Distinctive countryside sites, numerous summer events, sports and cultural attractions ensure that there is plenty to do year-round, with something for everyone.

For example, one of the most popular tourist centers in Finland, Himos, is located here.

The sauna village, the full-scale golf course, frisbee golf courses, children’s traffic park and pump track, and the swimming hall Koskikara offer ample options for recreational and fun activities.

Find a home in Jämsä

Kiinteistö Oy Jämsänmäki is a rental housing company wholly owned by the city of Jämsä. The company has more than 600 townhouses and apartment buildings in five urban areas: in the center of Jämsä, Jämsänkoski, Halli, Länkipohja and Koskenpää. Apartments are located both right next to services and in smaller quiet settlements.

Apartment seekers and residents are served by an apartment secretary, an office secretary, a property manager and a housing advisor. The managing director is responsible for managing a company’s overall operations. There are five members on the company’s board of trustees.

Most of our apartments are ARAVA state-subsidised housing. For the application form click the link here.

We offer our vacant accommodation based on the information provided in the application, so please fill out the apartment application form carefully.

Rental deposit

The amount of the required security deposit is stated in the tenant selection decision. If there are negative entries in your credit information, the deposit is an amount equal to three months’ rent. Otherwise, the amount of the rental deposit is an amount equal to two months’ rent. We also accept the payment commitment for the rental deposit issued by Kela. Should you have any questions regarding or during the apartment viewing or concerning a rental deposit, please refer for help to a housing advisor.

Booking the apartment

To book an accommodation please make an application for a rental apartment. Apartments are offered only to those who have submitted an application. We offer our vacant properties based on the information provided in the application, so please fill out the apartment application carefully. Remember to fill in all the requested attachments. If your application will be considered positively, you will receive an offer by email. The housing secretary will also send you the permit for the apartment viewing.

We check applicants’ credit information from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s database.

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